Money101’s flagship financial literacy program continues to be used today by many of our clients. We’re proud to have developed units that stand the test of time.

That said, we recognise the need of larger organisations to have cohesive branding and a strong message across everything they put out. From onboarding and staff training through to client marketing materials and customer experience elements, the look and feel has to be spot on. As the Money101 team has grown over the past decade, so too has our experience in catering to the business objectives of larger organisations.

With an in-house team of instructional designers, multimedia experts, writers and graphic designers, complemented by technical specialists with further software and infrastructure expertise, we are well positioned to bring your vision of the ideal financial education experience to life.

We offer three simple levels of customisation, from light branding to fully customised units. Check out the summaries below to see which option suits your needs.


You deserve to be listened to – after all, you know your audience better than we do. We pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach with each project for each client we have the privilege of working with. In fact, we like to see it as a partnership. Your end-user insight + our financial education expertise = something amazing.


Transparency is the name of the game when it comes to project management. From the moment we send your initial proposal through to the moment your programs are rolled out – and beyond – you’ll have full confidence that you know exactly what’s going on. We’re proud of our strong track record of delivering on time and on budget.


Money101’s leadership team includes people with extensive histories in education and training. We understand adult learning concepts, and the process behind instructional design. One of our core strengths is the ability to create engaging, fun, interactive, different learning experiences with firm foundations in established educational theory.

What we can do for you

Simply put, the level of customisation is up to you.

If your needs go beyond off-the-shelf units, we can discuss options such as:

  • Turning your existing textbook-style materials into something much more engaging
  • Transforming your FAQs in to self-service self-education experiences
  • Adding software or system-specific units to a program of modules including professional training
  • Seamlessly adding product information to general financial education units
  • Creating realistic, relatable case studies that reflect your average customers/employees
  • Mapping out pathways to further study or professional development
  • Integrating Money101 units with your existing online training offerings in other subject areas

Level of customisation


  • Replace our logo with yours
  • Cheaply and easily sets your content apart
  • Short lead-time from ordering to delivery
  • Host on your site or with us


  • Our smart content, your good looks
  • Add your brand’s colour themes, logo, links, front page design, and imagery
  • Excludes changes to audio and layout


  • Make your own units, and/or
  • Re-design our off-the-shelf units
  • Create a complete end-to-end experience for your users

Hosting options

Once you’ve chosen the level of customisation for your units, you’ll also need to have a think about where they’re all going to go! You have the option of hosting them on your existing company website or intranet. Alternatively, you might want to look in to a branded or bespoke microsite. Check out some of the microsites we’ve built for our happy clients.


  • Branded landing page to match your website
  • Individual unit pages
  • Full reporting
  • Unlimited users
  • One admin login


  • A content-rich financial education site designed to boost engagement
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Multi-level admin access
  • Unlimited users


  • House the units yourself
  • No additional cost, other than the unit cost and SLA
  • Ideal if you’ve already got a robust staff/member page with good maintenance

Get in touch

Exciting about our branded to bespoke options? Then get in touch to find out more details (including pricing) and get started today.

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