We could talk ‘til we’re blue in the face about what we do. But we find that the best way for people to understand our work is to show it to them. After all, the proof is in the pudding!

Below are a few of the projects we’ve had the privilege of working on. Our clients each had different objectives and different pictures of what they wanted their customised units to look like. Explore the case studies below and you’ll get a bit more insight into the challenges, creative solutions and outcomes involved in bringing these awesome units to learners.

Some of these units are available to the public, meaning you’ll be able to have a good stickybeak and see what you like about them. Others are password protected, but you’ll be able to get an idea of the look and feel of the units, as well as where they fit in the client’s array of customer or member service offerings.

Our clients love our work...



Kate Rose, Product Manager Group Product (Member Experience)

QSuper partnered with Money101 to create its online financial wellbeing education tool. Money101 was chosen as the partner for this project due to their comprehensive selection of topics, being able to deliver timely updates as required by legislation and the degree to which we could personalise the site and content to be relevant to our members.

The Money101 team were fantastic to deal with. Developing the site as a collaborative partnership, Money101 were responsive to requests while always keeping us up to date with the range of new topics and developments.

Based on the success of the financial wellbeing project, the business has undertaken additional work in the financial literacy content space. A great partnership for QSuper working with an industry leader in the financial literacy space.


Amcor Australasia

Judy Power, Manager HR Administration and Metrics

Amcor was delighted with the response of our staff and employees to the on-line financial literacy program, Money101, which we rolled out across all our Australian work sites over the second half of 2005.€ The module (superannuation Choice) was straightforward and allowed Amcor to educate its staff about the Choice of Fund provisions without the risk of providing financial advice.


ME Bank

Scott Dare, Content Architect

We wanted to create ed – an on-demand financial literacy program that helps Australians get ahead.

When it came time to transform our Building Financial Confidence program into ed, we knew we wanted to work with a partner who could work with us and our creative agencies to bring our ed vision to life. That’s why we partnered with Money101.

ed is a one-of-a-kind financial literacy program – a fast, free, easy to use program with a sense of humour – but at its heart is sound financial information that helps people get ahead. Money101 was integral to building the financial information at the heart of ed.

Money101 also helped create the responsive experience for ed users, starting with a web and tablet experience that makes it easy for people to access on-demand educational information anywhere, anytime.

Additionally, Money101 makes it easy to work with our partners in the industry super fund network, who can then share ed with even more Australians who are looking for ways to get ahead financially.


FSU Careers Centre – Finance Sector Union of Australia

Angela Jolic, Manager

Having participated in the development of some of the Money101 resources, it was great to test the content with finance industry employees via the FSU website. The fact that Money101 is independent of any bank, insurance or funds management group and doesn’t promote any specific financial products makes it a particularly valuable online financial literacy resource.


The Australian National University

Steven Dover, HR Strategy & Development

The Australian National University has been delighted to team up with Money101 to provide online resources on personal financial literacy for our staff. The importance of assisting staff to manage their personal finances in these uncertain times cannot be underestimated. Money101 also participated in our Staff Wellbeing Week Exhibition and provided presentations for our staff on financial literacy and these were well received. Their approach is consistent with our philosophy on ensuring that wellbeing takes account of the physical, psychological, social, financial, ethical and environmental aspects of wellbeing to support staff in achieving a well-rounded, productive, happy lifestyle and who are engaged at work, home and in the community.


Geofabrics Australasia

Brendan Swifte, Managing Director

The response to the Money101 on-line training was extremely positive, as people felt more empowered to manage their finances and ask questions on issues they did not previously understand (such as salary sacrificing into superannuation). We are already seeing our people accept a greater responsibility for their financial activities, with some looking towards their retirement with greater focus.


Australian Paper

Neil Thomas, Human Resources Manager

We have been proud to offer to our Australian employees the Money101 program to improve their financial literacy. The program is a perfect fit under our banner of Health and Wellness.



Megan Kingham, Manager – Wellbeing and Diversity

We realise that whether or not you are in control of your finances has an enormous impact on morale and productivity. €œThe confidential online interactive training has proved to be the ideal format for a multi-sited national company.€ The support from Catherine and the team at Money101 both with launching the program and its ongoing success has been excellent.

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