Providing value to attract and retain the right staff.

Boosting productivity or revenue-per-employee, without increasing overtime costs.

Finding cost-effective ways to reduce employee stress.

These are constant challenges for human resources, performance management and executive staff. Trying to address these issues one by one can mean implementation of a plethora of benefits and programs, each with limited impact. What many managers don’t know is that there’s a problem which, if addressed, can have great impacts across the staff body.

The solution is financial education.

Money101 has been providing value to corporates and government organisations for over a decade now. We’re proud to serve a diverse range of clients, from major city councils to some of Australia’s premier retailers.

Our strength lies in our ability to address the changing financial education needs of various organisations in various locations. Every client enjoys full support from our Melbourne-based team, as well as a suite of resources such as engagement support materials to help you get the highest uptake rate possible. From affordable off-the-shelf units to fully branded programs focusing on employee financial offerings such as leasing and share programs, we’re proud of the real results we achieve.

Boost productivity and morale

Flexible, self paced, online financial education has the potential to deliver amazing measurable benefits to an organisation’s bottom line. And we’re not just saying that because it’s what we do. Academics have been studying the impact of corporate financial education programs for decades now. They’ve uncovered some fascinating facts in the impact of programs provided to employees.

  • Increasing the financial literacy of the lowest quartile of the population to the level of the top of the lowest quartile is estimated to […] create 15,000 jobs and increase Australia’s gross domestic product by $6.2 billion annually over the long term[1].
  • The return for financial education initiatives can reach 3 to 1 in the first year alone[2].
  • Employee financial education programs can boost workplace satisfaction, in part by improving expectations for the employee’s future financial situation[3].
  • When financial education is available to employees, they’re around 25% less likely to rely on non-authoritative and ‘patchy at best’ sources of assistance, like their own guesses, or family and friends[4].

Our clients

As a leader in online financial education for larger organisations, we’re trusted by a number of clients, including these wonderful people.

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