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Money101 is a team of instructional designers, developers, graphic designers, digital strategists, and subject matter experts. Meet the team and find out more about what they bring to Money101.

Money101 designs, develops and builds online financial education units. We can host the units for you, or you can host yourself.

A unit is an online learning piece. It’s a bit like a unit in a course curriculum: one single topic, idea or skill at a time.

Money101 is strictly education only – never advice. As you’re probably well aware, providing advice (as opposed to general information) comes with a whole range of compliance and administration requirements. Plus it’s pretty far removed from our objective; we’re all about setting people up to make better financial decisions. That’s not to say that financial education can’t be part of a learner’s journey to (or through) receiving professional advice. As Money101 is non-product-based, it’s a great way to set people up for more informed, confident and productive discussions with advisers.

‘Non-product’ means not pushing particular financial products or product providers. We talk about classes of financial products, such as stocks, mutual funds, credit cards and mortgages, but we don’t talk about particular products offered by particular providers. This means our content isn’t pushy or salesy.

Our Money101educational content is not the same as the ‘nationally recognised training’ you may be familiar with – units leading to formal certificates/diplomas etc. This is because ‘accredited’ training standards don’t really match up with what people need in the way of financial education. Nationally recognised training is designed to get people ready to do particular jobs; Money101 is designed to get people ready to handle their money, and make financial decisions in everyday life.

We offer nationally recognised accreditation options through our sister brand, SMSF101. Partnering with Deakin Prime, finance professionals have the option of attaining units leading to RG146. Staff members participating in FinancialCrimes101 training may be issued with a certificate of attainment by special arrangement.

All Money101 content has been produced by Australian subject matter experts and writers, specifically for Australian audiences. This means that it’s factually accurate in terms of things like tax rules, financial services regulations and more. But it also means that it’s broadly relatable for Aussie learners. We’ve thought of everything, from financial goals such as ‘the great Australian dream’, to the ways that service providers cater to our increasingly multicultural society.

That said, we’re happy to develop bespoke content for an international or country-specific audience. Money101 has strong connections to academics, consultants, and international media and information firms. We’re ready to leverage these connections to create something special for you and your people, no matter where you’re based.

Who, what, how?

We’re proud to say our content has been used in the past by a huge variety of organisations, from banks and super funds to government organisations and household-name corporations. Our client list includes

Money101 education is designed to suit learners from a wide variety of different backgrounds and learning styles. Everything from the reading level of the text to the style of the graphics and animation is optimised for easy comprehension. In other words, it’s suitable for just about everyone.

Financial knowledge and capability is an essential life skill, because everybody has to manage their own finances and deal with money on a day to day basis as well as in the long term. This means that financial education can be of benefit to every adult. At Money101, we envision an Australia where everyone is empowered to make better financial decisions. We’re starting to work towards that goal by partnering with employers and clients in the financial services sector. Today, Money101 benefits a wide range of stakeholders, from employees to super fund members to financial institution customers.

Our content is for everyone! Money101 can help an organisation’s staff improve their financial wellbeing, leading to greater productivity, lower stress levels and more. The content can help establish super funds and financial institutions as providers of choice by adding real value to their suite of offerings, as well as setting up clients to be smarter and more engaged consumers.

If you’re looking at helping a particular demographic amongst your people, chances are there are a range of suitable units. If not, we can put together a personalised package or even develop bespoke content that meets your business objectives.

A good way to estimate which units will be the best is to look at your existing data. Have a think about the demographics of your employees or customers: gender, age, life stage, etc. For example, the choices for a fashion retail business with lots of younger employees might be very different to, say, that of a financial advisory firm focused on a particular profession, where the average age may be much closer to retirement.

Of course, the best way to tell which units will benefit your people best is to put them to the test. If you choose the hosted microsite option, we can use analytics to help work out which are the most popular units amongst your users.

Microsite – added feature

A microsite is a small, simple website concentrated on a very specific product or service. We can develop a microsite that looks like an extension of your website, with or without a login page.

We can brand your microsite following your corporate style guide to further enhance the feeling that the user has not moved away from your own site. Or if you’d prefer to keep it completely separate, we can give it a different look and feel altogether. It’s up to you – and our designers love a good challenge.

  • Analytics: we can track your microsite’s performance and provide you with statistics that show how many people are logging in and which modules are the most popular
  • Look and feel: our microsites perform well because they’re clean, modern, and easy to use
  • Ease of updating: we can make changes and enhancements to the site from our end after consultation, there’s no need to involve a third party
  • Separate and distinct: it’s a good way to offer more options without crowding your home page
  • Targeted: when staff get to the site they will be presented with exactly what they want without having to look for it
  • Optimisable: we can optimise your microsite so you gain more hits from search engines by using a domain name with relevant keywords in it. A site which is highly focused around a particular product or service will be likely to perform better in search engines. (Read more about search engine optimisation here.)

Custom options

This is a tricky question, because we take a solution-focused approach to putting together customised units for our clients. In other words, we ask “what do you want this unit to do for your users and your business, other than teaching them?” and we base our work around that answer.

That said, here are a few things we’ve done for clients in the past:

  • Expert writers, or help to find a content expert
  • Conversion of traditional/text book content to online learning
  • Continuous support
  • Collaboration to achieve the training objectives you desire through
    • Voiceover
    • Vox-pops
    • Animation
    • Infographics
    • PDFs
    • Calculators
    • Games
    • Activities
    • Case studies

We can! Our instructional designers and developers can create a unit that covers any topic you need your people to know about. We can begin with as little as a business objective and the smell of an oily rag, or we can convert your existing written content on the topic in to something much more engaging and interactive. It’s up to you.

Engagement documents are provided free of charge in a top secret clients-only digital library. Fresh documents are added on a regular basis. You’re free to do with these documents as you wish – use them as they are, or just pinch a bit of the wording to add to your existing communications.

If you’d like us to take care of the branding of engagement documents, we’ll need to factor in the time taken to add your colours, logo and other elements. Feel free to ask us for a quick quote.

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