Leading wealth management company AMP recently updated its existing online financial education provided by Money101.

The brief was to reflect their vibrant new branding, including new colours and imagery, while continuing to convey valuable information for AMP customers and potential customers. Hosted by AMP themselves, the financial education is offered at various ‘need it now’ locations across their website.

The units

AMP’s online financial education consists of 20 individual 15-minute online modules. They cover topics such as:

  • retirement
  • home buying
  • superannuation
  • family finances
  • managing debt
  • investing
  • budgeting and saving
  • aged care

The challenge

As well as adhering to AMP’s new brand, the modules needed to clearly support AMP’s mantra – that every individual should have the power and ability to control his or her life.

The content needed to:

  • help people ‘own their tomorrow’
  • have a very clear emphasis on goal setting
  • be suitable to a range of demographics and knowledge levels
  • deliver an engaging and interactive educational message that would encourage AMP customers and potential customers to not only complete a module, but look for more

The answer

There were plenty of exciting challenges in the redevelopment of the education.

Some of our solutions included:

  • shortening the content wherever we could, with a ‘less is more’ approach
  • always keeping the educational message in mind, even with a clear brief to highlight the new AMP brand
  • collaborating with agency partners to ensure new styling and imagery was on-brand
  • developing new, user-friendly navigation for the modules
  • pointing users to AMP’s online tools, calculators and resources wherever possible

The outcomes

The education has come alive with the addition of real people imagery, in line with the new brand.

It is targeted education, written from scratch for the AMP audience, in the AMP voice.

The program offers a broad range of financial education, covering topics for all life stages and situations. It is offered at specific touch points on the website. This means users do not have to choose a title; they are simply provided with the relevant material at the appropriate time on their journey through the site.

We’re thrilled with the new modules – they look good, they’re easy to use and most of all, they deliver really valuable educational messages to help people ‘own their tomorrow’.

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