Industry super fund-owned bank ME recently refreshed its online financial literacy offering (Building Financial Confidence) with a new online school of money affectionately called ed, in sync with the bank’s modernised visual brand identity and renewed approach to product innovation.

ed was designed to help individuals with the basics of money management and boasts a combination of videos, audio and case studies tailored to align with key life events. Best of all, individuals can set their own pace by dipping in and out whether they choose.

The units

ed consists of 30 individual 15-minute online episodes, categorised into ten distinct topics:

  1. home buying
  2. budgeting
  3. money basics
  4. managing debt
  5. products
  6. moving out
  7. kids and money
  8. investing
  9. your credit history
  10. living with a home loan

The challenge

As well as developing a high quality digital resource that was engaging and highly interactive, the tool also needed to align with ME’s new brand and mission ‘to help all Australians get ahead’.

The financial education needed to:

  • Liberate users to become financially fit.
  • Be made available to partner organisations as well as third-party employers for integration into their own financial literacy offerings.
  • Accessible for the ME sales team to provide facilitator-guided learning in the workplace.
  • Reduce core volume by about 20%.
  • Maintain user engagement.
  • Be hosted on a new customised and responsive site, capable of user registration and tracking.

The answer

As ME wanted to also have their sales force take the program out to partner workplaces, we also developed face-to-face sessions and workshops to help ME bring ed to life in the workplace.

The challenges of redeveloping the program were many, but some of our solutions included:

  • Injecting humour and life into the learning outcomes.
  • Never losing sight of the educational message, even with a clear brief to showcase the new ME.
  • Utilising online content that was short, sharp, fit for purpose and suitable to a range of audiences.
  • Collaborating effectively with agency partners and the client to produce a witty and easily digestible take on some serious and dry financial topics or concepts.
  • Producing an easy to understand and navigable learning portal to house ed.

The outcomes

The value of ed is its user-centricity.

It is completely free of banking products and segmented into ten distinct streams, which is a real point of difference with other product-centric, generic offerings available today.

The program offers a full spectrum of financial education, covering topics for all life stages and circumstances, delivered in a self-paced and engaging format.

Put simply, we’re really proud of ed.

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