Class Super is Australia’s leading cloud SMSF administration software, relied upon by thousands of accountants and financial advisers to administer over 100,000 funds.

With a desire to find a better and more flexible training option for their users, Class came to Money101 in search of a self-paced, on-demand alternative to their traditional webinar-based classroom. Hosted by Money101 on a customised Class Education microsite, the resulting education is available free of charge to all Class users, accessible on any device, at any time.

The units

Class’s online financial education consists of 10 individual 30-minute online modules, covering topics such as:

  • Class fundamentals
  • Managing investments
  • Business settings and contacts
  • Data feeds
  • Reporting and ATO lodgment
  • Pensions and asset segregation
  • Class Super for SMSF auditors


The clear brief was to ensure the training was capable of reducing the workload of Class support staff.

The staff had been inundated with calls every day from hundreds of Class users. Being able to direct users to easily accessible online training that would answer their questions was a big plus for the Class support team. No other software provider was currently offering this level of on-demand support, so it was extremely important to champion the innovation.

The training had to:

  • be housed on an easy to navigate, on-brand microsite
  • be appropriate for all knowledge levels
  • cover a broad range of Class Super software functionality
  • be engaging and no more than 30 mins per module in total
  • encourage users to want to learn more
  • be able to be used in a classroom environment within workplaces
  • adhere to strict brand guidelines
  • be available to Class users through a Single Sign On system
  • have the ability to provide useful metrics and reporting on individual usage

The answer

There were lots of challenges in the development of the education.

Our solutions included:

  • using video instructions wherever possible to aid the learning process
  • shortening the existing webinar content wherever we could, with a ‘need to know’ approach
  • always keeping the user experience in mind, even with a clear brief to adhere to the Class brand
  • teaming up with Class support staff and SMEs in the content development from day one
  • collaborating with Class marketing staff to ensure styling and imagery was on-brand
  • involving selected Class staff in the lengthy review process
  • developing a reporting dashboard, accessible at any time by selected Class staff

THE outcome

Class Education is state of the art – a real one of a kind for the industry. It is specific to Class Super software, and offers a full range of topics that answer all the frequently asked questions.

The results speak for themselves. With over 10,000 individual training sessions being launched since inception, daily demand on Class support staff has decreased, in line with their brief to us.

In future we will be adding to a series of ‘micromodules’. These 5-minute educational snippets to highlight changes to the Class Super software. We are now well on the way to providing an assessment and certification process for the program. We know all these innovations will challenge us further, but we’re up for it!

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