QSuper is Queensland’s largest super fund. The fund works to make sure that more than 500,000 members can look forward to the future they want in retirement.

The fund wanted to broaden their existing member education and really kick their financial literacy program in to gear. With this in mind, QSuper approached Money101 back in 2014 to pilot some online financial education.

The resulting high quality digital resources are hosted by Money101 on their customised and fully branded FinFit microsite. They’re freely available to QSuper members, to help them get their financial knowledge into shape

The units

Beginning as a pilot of 10 online modules, QSuper’s FinFit now comprises 20 15-minute modules in the following topic categories:

  • Money management
  • Professional development
  • Money and family
  • Superannuation
  • Retirement

The challenge

The clear brief was to ensure the education was relevant, simple and useful.It had to strike the right balance of visual appeal and information.

With language relatable to QSuper members, users should be prompted to take action on their personal financial situation.

The content had to:be housed on an easy to navigate, on-brand microsite

  • be appropriate for all knowledge levels
  • be powerful, engaging and highly interactive
  • build financial capability in QSuper members
  • contain QSuper navigation, image and branding preferences
  • complement existing QSuper face to face member seminars
  • be available to the various employers via separate URLs
  • have the ability to provide handy stats and reporting on individual employer usage

The Answer

There were many challenges in the development of the education, but some of our solutions included:

  • keeping the educational message front of mind while giving it that special QSuper branding twist
  • using every opportunity within the modules to push the member out to supporting QSuper tools, calculators and resources
  • teaming up with QSuper staff to review and update content changes
  • keeping the content short and sharp with a ‘less is more’ approach
  • customising case studies to ensure relevancy to Queensland Government employees
  • collaborating with QSuper marketing staff to ensure styling and imagery was on-brand
  • developing a reporting dashboard, accessible at any time by selected QSuper staff
  • enabling the dissemination of reporting and metrics using individual cloaked URLs for various employer groups

The outcomes

What started out as a small pilot program has grown to involve 20 modules, with another five due to be released shortly. Money101 has also developed seminar materials, so QSuper can run  face to face versions of selected online topics.

FinFit has been a major success story. Regularly topping our overall client stats for site hits and module launches, Money101 has been thrilled to be part of this valuable and worthwhile initiative to help QSuper members make better and more informed financial decisions.

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